The Section for Philosophy houses a diverse variety of research in philosophy, much of which in collaboration with fields such as psychiatry, psychology, political science, bioscience, computer science, economics, history, classics, literature, law and theology. The Section for Philosophy is collaborating with CFS and CIBS, and their research is partly overlapping.

The research groups and the researchers in the Section for Philosophy regularly publish in leading international journals and publishing houses, in areas such as philosophy of mind, phenomenology, social epistemology, political philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, history of philosophy and philosophy of science.


































































Andersen, AnnikaResearch assistant +45 353-33982E-mail
Catana, LeoAssociate professor +45 353-28877E-mail
Christiansen, AndreasPostdoc +45 61 69 86 66E-mail
Ebbersmeyer, SabrinaAssociate professor +45 353-28861E-mail
Grünbaum, ThorAssociate professor, deputy head of department +45 353-28857E-mail
Hallsson, Bjørn GunnarPostdoc +45 353-36968E-mail
Heape, AlexanderPostdoc +45 353-34590E-mail
Holtug, NilsProfessor +45 353-28881E-mail
Kappel, KlemensProfessor +45 353-28856E-mail
Kongsholm, Nana Cecilie HalmstedPostdoc +45 353-29188E-mail
Mann, Sebastian PorsdamPostdoc +45 353-35255E-mail
Nielsen, Morten Ebbe JuulAssociate professor +45 353-28922E-mail
Olesen, Søren GosvigAssociate professor +45 353-28894E-mail
Turculet, GeorgianaPostdoc +45 353-25299E-mail


Professor Klemens Kappel