The Section for Philosophy is hosting a variety of research in different areas such as philosophy of mind, phenomenology, social epistemology, political philosophy, ethics, history of philosophy and philosophy of science. The researchers in the Section for Philosophy regularly publish in leading international journals and publishing houses related to these areas of research.


Much of our research is carried out in collaboration with other disciplines, such as psychiatry, psychology, political science, bioscience, computer science, economics, history, classics, literature, law, and theology. The Section for Philosophy is collaborating with Centre for Subjectivity Research and their research is partly overlapping.



Overall, the section has three research areas, practical philosophy, theoretical philosophy and history of philosophy.

Practical philosophy

The group convenes staff, PhD-students, postdocs and students from the section and from the philosophical community in Denmark, and covers areas in practical philosophy, spanning from political theory to bioethics. Specific topics of interest are equality, discrimination, democracy, migration, pluralism, exploitation, moral epistemology as well as a range of questions in bioethics and medical ethics.

Contact: Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen

Theoretical philosophy

Theoretical philosophy traditionally covers epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of language and metaphysics. Our research focuses mainly on issues in philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, philosophy of science/cognitive science, as well as a range of problems in social epistemology. 

Contact: Thor Grünbaum

History of philosophy

History of philosophy covers the period from 600 BC until the present time. Current research focuses on ancient Greek philosophy and early modern philosophy on early modern philosophy. In ancient Greek philosophy, there is a particular focus on ethical and political theories in Plato and Aristotle. In early modern philosophy the emphasis is on theories of emotion and on feminist history of philosophy. In addition we share an interest in questions on the method of history of philosophy. 

Contact: Leo Catana and Sabrina Ebbersmeyer










































New project

Women in the Nordic Enlightenment (WHENCE)
Funding: ERC: Horizon Europe
Project period: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2028
Contact: Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (AFII)
Funding: Independent Research Fund Denmark
Project period: November 1 2019 – November 31 2023
Contact: Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Convergent ethics and ethics of controversy (CEEC)
Funding: Novo Nordisk Foundation
Project period: February 1 2018 – January 31, 2021
Contact: Klemens Kappel

How to be Happy in Times of Turmoil?
Funding: Augustinus Fonden
Project period: January 2023 - April 2024
Contact: Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Intentions, Selection and Agency
Funding: Independent Research Fund Denmark
Project periode: September 1 2016 – August 31 2021
Contact: Thor Grünbaum 

The Politics of Social Cohesion
Funding: Independent Research Fund Denmark
Project period: January 1 2014 – December 31 2019
Contact: Nils Holtug

RESPOND. Multi-level governance of mass migration in Europe and beyond. 
Funding: European Union Horizon 2020 Research Programme 
Project duration: December 1 2017 - November 1 2020
Contact: Nils Holtug



























Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Frederik Joakim Postdoc +4535333367 E-mail
Bisgaard, Ditlev Adam Pihl PhD Fellow +4535330746 E-mail
Bundalovic, Jelena PhD Fellow +4535334258 E-mail
Catana, Leo Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328877 E-mail
Ebbersmeyer, Sabrina Professor +4535328861 E-mail
Faye, Jan Associate Professor Emeritus +4535328100 E-mail
González, Darío David Part-time Lecturer +4535358100 E-mail
Grünbaum, Thor Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328857 E-mail
Guldmann, Finn Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Hansen, Sandrine Rose Schiller Postdoc +4535329543 E-mail
Hendricks, Vincent F Professor +4535329398 E-mail
Holtug, Nils Professor +4535328881 E-mail
Junker, Frederik Tollerup PhD Fellow   E-mail
Kappel, Klemens Professor +4526194318 E-mail
Nielsen, Morten Ebbe Juul Associate Professor +4535328922 E-mail
Oldenburg, Ninell Eva Maria PhD Fellow +4535323202 E-mail
Olesen, Søren Gosvig Associate Professor +4535328894 E-mail
Oppi, Laura PhD Fellow +4535323866 E-mail
Pedersen, Maria Nørby Postdoc +4535329803 E-mail
Possen, David Part-time Lecturer +4535328100 E-mail
Rasmussen, Maria Kjær Rosenbaum PhD Fellow +4535326012 E-mail
Silber, Anders Tversted Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Søgaard, Anders Professor +4535329065 E-mail


Professor Klemens Kappel