Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Associate Professor

Member of:

    I’m associate professor for philosophy working primarily on the history of Renaissance and Early Modern philosophy. I co-founded together with Leo Catana the History of Philosophy Research Group (2014-). I’m also co-directing together with Christian Benne the CEMES research group Thinking the European Republic of Letters (2017-). Additionally, I’m running together with Leo Catana the Copenhagen Intellectual History Seminar (2014-).

    I’m also member of the editorial board of the Journal of Media, Cognition and Communication (2015-), where I’m responsible for the contributions in philosophy.

    Finally, I’m responsible for the Women-mentoring-women in philosophy program for female staff and students affiliated to philosophy.

    I’m member of several academic societies dedicated to philosophy and the history of philosophy. Since 2013 I’m vice-present of the European Society for Early Modern Philosophy, and since 2017 I’m member of the board of the Netværk for kvinder I filosofi.

    Primary fields of research

    • History of philosophy (Renaissance, Early Modern)
    • Humanism
    • Historical epistemology
    • Gender studies in the history of philosophy

    Current research

    I’m working primarily in the field of Renaissance and Early Modern philosophy, on Telesio, Descartes and Leibniz. I’m interested in problems in philosophy of mind, especially concerning the role and function of emotions in understanding cognition.

    I’m also interested in the tradition of female philosophers of the Renaissance and the Early Modern period (especially Christine de Pizan, Isotta Nogarola, Arcangela Tarabotti and Elizabeth of Bohemia) and in the question how to integrate women philosophers to our standard accounts of the history of philosophy.

    I’m currently working on Leibniz’s understanding of the emotions and on the scientific aspects of the letter exchange of Elizabeth of Bohemia.


    I’m mainly teaching BA and MA-level courses in history of philosophy (Renaissance and Early Modern). Generally, I supervise essays on topics related to history of philosophy. 

    ID: 97574236