Research in the Section of Rhetoric covers a range of topics that link the section to its academic history as well as contemporary international research agendas. Researchers produce scholarly publications in high ranking, peer reviewed, national and international venues, host seminars and conferences, and maintain the section’s high visibility at international academic conferences.




















































Name Title Phone E-mail
Berg, Kristine Marie Associate professor +45 353-28412 E-mail
Gruber, David R Assistant professor, tenure track +45 353-24822 E-mail
Hoff-Clausen, Elisabeth Associate professor +45 353-36619 E-mail
Isager, Christine Associate professor +45 353-28115 E-mail
Jørgensen, Charlotte Associate professor, research and development   E-mail
Kock, Christian Erik J Professor emeritus. +45 353-28880 E-mail
Matthiesen, Christina Associate professor +45 28 44 28 20 E-mail
Møllebæk, Mathias PhD student +45 353-28100 E-mail
Nolsøe, Turið PhD fellow +45 353-36780 E-mail
Onsberg, Merete Associate professor, research and development   E-mail
Pietrucci, Pamela Assistant professor, tenure track +45 353-30924 E-mail
Roer, Hanne Associate professor +45 353-29432 E-mail
Villadsen, Lisa Storm Professor +45 353-28885 E-mail