Media studies

Section of Media Studies studies engages in the study of media in context. We examine the role of media in culture, politics and society, including the social and cultural changes brought about by the digitalization, globalization and commercialization of media.

We are particularly interested in topics such as media and power, media and popular culture, news and journalism, social media, communication across platforms, media industries and institutions, visual communication, political communication, and media policy and regulation.

Section of Media Studies brings together scholars from the humanities and the social sciences who share an interest in theories and concepts such as mediatization, digitalization and datafication, affect and emotion, gender and feminism, democracy and media freedom, populism, propaganda and authority. Empirically we apply quantitative, qualitative and computational methods, while our research comprises both current and historical perspectives. Section members especially teach at the BA-, MA- and elective programs in Film and Media Studies.






Key research areas at Section of Media Studies are:

  • Media, popular culture and everyday life, including the role of media in the negotiation of cultural value and the boundaries of high/popular culture. We are interested in the production of popular culture and the wider circulation of images, values, attitudes and cultural practices among media users and audiences, including cultural phenomena such as celebrities, fan communities, children and young people’s media practices, ageing and lifestyle.
  • News and journalism across platforms, including the interplay of news media and social media in cultural production and political opinion making. We are interested in changing conceptions of media professionals and citizens in the creation, circulation and consumption of media content and visual communication on a day-to-day basis and in times of crisis. In our research we engage in topics spanning across the hard/soft news divide and in media content within and beyond traditional genre conventions. 
  • Media, politics and democracy, including current changes to political communication, the public sphere and democracy, such as the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the empowerment and fragmentation of audiences, polarization and radicalization of opinion, and the rethinking of media content and journalism in view of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. We are interested in the role of media in political movements and political mobilization and in the construction and legitimation of authority, expertise and knowledge. We collect comparative insights about magnitude of these challenges and opportunities.
  • Media industries, policy and regulation, including institutional and organizational perspectives. We study the media’s changing technological, institutional and financial conditions and how such changed value chains influence media production, distribution and use. This research aims to contribute to current media policy debates and media policy-making, which increasingly requires evidence-based research.



























































Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Mads Møller Tommerup Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535323093 E-mail
Christensen, Christa Lykke Associate Professor +4535328116 E-mail
Hjarvard, Stig Professor +4535328113 E-mail
Hoffmann, Matthias Christoph Postdoc   E-mail
Jerslev, Anne Professor +4535328111 E-mail
Johansen, Mikkel Bækby PhD Fellow +4535332356 E-mail
Kristensen, Nete Nørgaard Professor +4535329361 E-mail
Liisberg, Kasper Bering Teaching Assistant Professor +4535328127 E-mail
Marquart, Franziska Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535336017 E-mail
Menke, Manuel Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535333526 E-mail
Mortensen, Mette Professor +4535329181 E-mail
Myrczik, Eva Pina Postdoc +4535321373 E-mail
Neumayer, Christina Associate Professor +4535333467 E-mail
Shapovalova, Valentyna PhD Fellow +4535334252 E-mail
Skytte, Maria Mørch Brinkmann PhD Fellow +4535334207 E-mail
Søndergaard, Henrik Associate Professor +4535328128 E-mail



Tuesday May 17, 2022, 10.30-12.00, room 16.1.16
Section seminar: Miklós Áron Sükösd will talk about the newly held elections in Hungary (early April 2022), including the critical situation for media in the country, under the title "Rigged elections in Hungary: lawfare and authoritarian media policies in Orbán´s propaganda state".

Tuesday June 7, 2022, 12.00-13.30, room 14.3.46
Extended section lunch seminar: Professor Lynn Schofield Clark from University of Denver will be visiting Section of Media Studies and give a talk about her ongoing research, “It’s been a minute: Decolonizing the concepts of participation and time in the study of youth, news, and civic engagement”.

Wednesday June 8, 2022, 9.00-12.00, room 16.1.16
Section seminar: Professor Rosalin Gill from City, University London will join our section for a seminar on feminist media studies (rescheduled from December 2021). Rosalin Gill’s talk will focus on the following two questions: What does it mean to study media from a feminist angle and how has feminist media studies developed during the recent decade? A more detailed program will follow when the date approaches!

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