Jan Faye

Jan Faye

Associate professor emeritus, Associate Professor emeritus

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    Since I received my education I have been working with metaphysical topics such as time and causation, the relation between abstract and concrete entities, and the concept of truth; as well as with topics within philosophy of science such as interpretations of quantum mechanics, space and time in physics, explanation and understanding in the sciences and humanities, cientific models and theories, and realism vrsus antirealism in human thinking.

    Primary fields of research

    My research areas covers metaphysics, philosophy of science and the humanities, epistemology, and philosophy of mind as well as adjacent areas like analytic aesthetics.

    Current research

    Currently I am writing a book concerning philosophy of mind and evolutionary biology in which I outline how the mind can be understood in relation and adaption to the environment.


    Everything within teoretical philosophy and adjacent areas such as analytic aesthetics.

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