About the department

Department of Communication encompasses education and research in the field of communication and human cognition.

The Department of Communication is a large and diverse department, and we have a strong interdisciplinary research environment. Our research activities are organized in 8 sections and 3 research centers. In addition, the department hosts several major research projects and works closely with both national and international partners.

At the department, we offer educational programmes and electives within the subject areas:

  • Cognition & Communication
  • Film and Media studies
  • Philosophy
  • Information studies
  • Communication and IT
  • Educational science
  • Rhetoric

Read about our educational programmes here.

The Department of Communication has approximately 2,200 students and 200 employees.

The department is administered by a Head of Department with the support of the Deputy Head of Research, a Deputy Head of Studies, a Head of Administration and a number of committees. Our administration supports the department's students, teachers, and researchers.

The department was established in 2019 on the basis of a merger of two previous departments: Department of Media, Cognition and Communication (MCC) and Department of Information Studies (INF).