About the department

Department of Communication is a new department at the University of Copenhagen, based on a merger of the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication and the Department of Information Studies.

The establishment of the Department of Communication strengthens our international position in a wide range of research areas, not least the research areas that were shared between the two former department, such as digital media, media culture, learning theories, digital education, communication, medialization studies, internet research, knowledge and knowledge production, children and media, information technology and media history, genre theory, information control and digital culture. In addition, the new department will have significant international emphasis on philosophy, education, rhetoric, film studies, cultural dissemination, and cultural policy.

The Department of Communication is thus well-positioned to enter into interdisciplinary collaborations on topics that are essential in a digital society - for example. discussions about ethics, algorithms, fake news, freedom of speech, AI, information rights, datafication and censorship - and the department will focus on all institutions of media, culture, education and information in society. It will be a broad-based department dealing with significant societal problems and challenges, and the department will be well equipped to undertake research across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The Department of Communication offers a broad range of educational programmes: BA and MA in Philosophy, BA and MA in Philosophy, BA and MAin Rhetoric, BA and MA in Educational Science, BA and MA in Film and Media Studies, BA and MA in Communication and IT, BA in Information Studies (with specializations in 'Information and IT' and 'Archives, Libraries and Museums'), MSc in Information Science and Cultural Communication, and MA in Cognition & Communication.