About the department

The Department of Communication (COMM) is a multidisciplinary department with seven study programmes and research organised into eight sections and two centres. The department is characterised by a high academic level, an international outlook and close contact with stakeholders in society.

The department offers degree programmes and supplementary subjects in the following subject areas:

  • Cognition & Communication
  • Communication and IT
  • Educational Science
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Information Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Rhetoric

The academic emphasis of the degree programmes is within the areas of media, communication, information studies, philosophy and learning. The breadth of the degree programmes and their academic impact are important prerequisites for the department's degree programmes to educate graduates relevant to society and the labour market.

The Department's research is oriented towards significant societal issues, both in Denmark and abroad, and it is relevant to understanding and illustrating many of the changes that characterise the modern world. It is therefore essential for the department that our research enters into collaborations with other educational institutions and the business community.

The Department of Communication is home to about 2,000 students and 200 employees.

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