The PhD programme is a 3-year research education, you can apply for, if you have obtained a relevant master degree recognized by The Danish Agency for Higher Education. 

As PhD student you work on an independent research project that can either stand alone or be part of a collective project. PhD projects are highly valued contributions to the overall research conducted at the department.






























Bach, Stine SaabyPhD student +45 353-34221E-mail
Bagger, ChristofferPhD fellow +45 353-34104E-mail
Einarsson, Arni MárPhD fellow +45 353-35409E-mail
Flensburg, SofiePhD Fellow +45 353-32984E-mail
Hasselbalch, GryPhD fellow  E-mail
Heðinsdóttir, KatlaPhD Fellow +45 353-36563E-mail
Holt, Louisa JanePhD fellow +45 353-32491E-mail
Jensen, Susanne KroghPhD fellow  E-mail
Kapsch, Patrick HeibergPhD fellow +45 353-23134E-mail
Lai, Signe SophusPhD fellow +45 60 22 34 55E-mail
Leth, Laurs RandbøllPhD fellow +45 353-34897E-mail
Li, YangPhD student +45 353-28018E-mail
Lin, Yu-TzuPhD fellow +45 31 39 37 15E-mail
Mathiasson, Mia HøjPhD fellow +45 353-21304E-mail
McCrow-Young, AllyPhD fellow +45 353-30517E-mail
Meindl, PatriciaPhD fellow +45 353-35213E-mail
Munkholm, Johan LauPhD fellow +45 353-33159E-mail
Murphy, DooleyPhD fellow +45 353-33638E-mail
Møllebæk, MathiasPhD student +45 353-28100E-mail
Nelausen, Malene KubstrupPhD student +45 353-36643E-mail
Nolsøe, TuriðPhD fellow +45 353-36780E-mail
Pagh, JesperPhD fellow +45 353-37297E-mail
Skytte, Maria Mørch BrinkmannPhD fellow +45 353-34207E-mail
Stamatiou, FilipposPhD fellow +45 50 19 22 77E-mail
Stone, OdysseusPhD fellow +45 353-28574E-mail
Søilen, Karen Louise GrovaPhD fellow +45 353-30228E-mail
Thygesen, StinePhD student +45 30 71 17 62E-mail
Toro, JuanPhD student +45 353-35364E-mail
Vestergaard, MadsPhD fellow +45 353-35258E-mail
Wang, YajieVisiting PhD fellow +45 353-31110E-mail
Wiewiura, Joachim SchmidtPhD fellow +45 353-35235E-mail
Zeng, Fiona HuijiePhD fellow +45 353-34049E-mail
Üsüdür, ZeynepPhD fellow +45 353-36953E-mail