Our research concerns education as a discipline and it is the location of theoretical-analytical educational programs in education. The Section’s research is characterised by theoretical studies and empirically rooted analyses of education in its practical, institutional, professional and scientific forms. 

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The strength of the research is its contribution to societal and scientific conversations about the role and status of education in a tension field of the humanities and the social sciences. The Section has close collaborations with external partners, especially the University Colleges and their teacher and social educator training programs.

The section’s research evolves theory about the implications and conditions of education by means of analysing current and historical educational programs and concepts, didactic relations, educational practice and interactions, and structural relations in education. The analyses and interpretations conceptualises education in relation to social, cultural, economic and political processes and are thus critical studies of education.

In addition to research activities in Section of Education, there are activities in specific research groups: Ethnographic studies in innovative learning contexts, the history and sociology of welfare work and Children, Media and Culture.




























































Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Peter Østergaard Associate professor +45 353-28873 E-mail
Borgnakke, Karen Professor +45 353-29434 E-mail
Christensen, Gerd Associate professor +45 353-28888 E-mail
Frederiksen, Jan Thorhauge Associate professor +45 353-28879 E-mail
Hamre, Bjørn Frithiof Associate professor +45 353-36712 E-mail
Jensen, Stine Grønbæk Postdoc +45 353-33046 E-mail
Moldenhawer, Bolette Associate professor +45 353-28875 E-mail
Thygesen, Stine PhD student +45 30 71 17 62 E-mail
Øland, Trine Associate professor +45 353-28889 E-mail


Associate professor Trine Øland

New book: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods in Education


 Karen Borgnakke contributes with the chapter: Ethnographic Methods for Researching Online Learning and E-Pedagogy.

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Trine Øland and Bolette Moldenhawer publish Statecrafting on the Fringes


Trine Øland and Bolette Moldenhawer publish the book Statecrafting on the Fringes: Studies of Welfare Work Addressing the Other.

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Welcome to Magda Pischetola, visiting scholar at the section for education


Visiting scholar September 2019 - February 2020.

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