Information, technology, and connections (INTER)

What does it mean to be human in connection to technology? In INTER we approach information studies from the humanities taking a critical stance on the connections between information, technology, and humans. We are interested in the practical implications of the continued digitalization of everyday life, society, media, and culture.

The researchers in the section investigate the interplay between information technologies and humans; including new understandings that emerge and become visible in new practices, cultural and otherwise. INTER focuses on the ethical and conceptual challenges and transformations that we have to deal with as individuals and as a society. We study digital forms of organization, algorithmic structures, surveillance and privacy, information and data from the outset of information studies including historical, philosophical, sociological and cultural perspectives.

 Themes and theoretical approaches: Critical data studies, datafication, digital media and culture, information analysis, information ethics, philosophy of information, information history, organization studies, platform studies, privacy and surveillance, game studies and gamification, sociology of science, science studies, knowledge organization.

 The researchers in INTER teaches at the BA and MA programs in Information Studies, Information Science and Cultural Communication, Film- and Media Studies, and Communication and IT.










  • Bibliometrics
  • Digital infrastructures
  • Digital reading and reading behaviour
  • Gamification at production plants
  • Genre studies
  • Information, surveillance, and technology as historically situated phenomena.
  • Philosophical/ethical perspectives on the connections between humans, information, and technology.
  • Postmortem data & data practices



Don't take it personal
Funding: Independen Research Fund Denmark 
Project period: 2018 -
Contakt: Jens-Erik Mai

AGAVE: Applied Gamification And Visualization - for cultivating onsite operator training and improving quality of work life.
Funding: Innovation Fund Denmark
Project period: 2021 - 2024
Contact: Lars Konzack

To Use or Not to Use? A Relational Approach to ICTs as Repertoire of Contention
Funding: Independent Research Fund Denmark
Project period:  2022-2025
Contact: Jun Liu









Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Jack Associate Professor +4531705689 E-mail
Andersen, Josephine Søgaard Research Assistant +4535323110 E-mail
Balling, Gitte Associate Professor +4535321370 E-mail
Finnemann, Niels Ole Professor Emeritus +4535321371 E-mail
Hjørland, Birger Professor Emeritus +4535321342 E-mail
Højsted, Anders PhD Fellow +4535320163 E-mail
Jørgensen, Rikke Frank Part-time Lecturer +4532698805 E-mail
Konzack, Lars Associate Professor +4535321306 E-mail
Li, Ziyin Guest Researcher   E-mail
Liu, Jun Associate Professor +4535328416 E-mail
Moring, Camilla Associate Professor +4535328276 E-mail
Munkholm, Johan Lau Research Assistant +4535333159 E-mail
Nicolaisen, Jeppe Associate Professor +4531666496 E-mail
Schreiber, Trine Louise Associate Professor +4535321402 E-mail
Shklovski, Irina Guest Researcher   E-mail
Skouvig, Laura Associate Professor +4535321320 E-mail
Søe, Sille Obelitz Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535321409 E-mail
Vase, Silja PhD Fellow +4535332659 E-mail
Waagstein, Astrid PhD Fellow +4535336969 E-mail
Wiehn, Tanja Anna Postdoc +4535321262 E-mail


Associate professor Gitte Balling