Katrine Bouschinger Christensen

Katrine Bouschinger Christensen

PhD fellow

PhD project: 'Producing serial fiction for children and young audiences'

Supervisor: Eva Novrup Redvall, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen.

My PhD project is part of the larger research project Reaching Young Audiences: Serial Fiction and Cross-Media Storyworlds for Children and Young Audiences (RYA).

The media use of Danish children and young people has changed dramatically in the past few years. Fictional content and ‘media snacks’ on Netflix and YouTube are now a major part of their media diet while their encounters with national film, TV and online fiction are declining. In close collaboration with a number of international researchers and national industry partners, the research project combines production and audience studies to investigate the current landscape of production, distribution and reception of fictional media content for children and adolescents.

Based on industry analysis and qualitative case studies, my PhD project explores current Danish production strategies in serial fiction and cross-media storyworlds and compares these with examples of best practice from Norway and the UK. The dissertation investigates how to think of best practice for producing children’s content in a digital media environment from both a scholarly and an industry perspective and contributes with valuable new knowledge in the field of children’s media, cultural industries and production studies when challenging and re-thinking existing theories on the relationship between creators, texts and audiences.

'Reaching Young Audiences' is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and runs from 2019-2024.

ID: 229423960