6 May 2024

Stig Hjarvard is awarded the SMID Prize 2024

At the biannual meeting of the Association of Media Researchers in Denmark on May 2, 2024, Professor Stig Hjarvard from Section of Media Studies at COMM was awarded the SMID Prize 2024.

The prize is awarded to a researcher who has made an invaluable contribution to Danish media and communication research.

The nomination of Stig Hjarvard, among other things, stated:

Stig Hjarvard's research expertise is wide-ranging, as he has published within core areas of media studies such as political communication, news media and journalism, media and globalization, media, religion and immigration, media and entertainment, digital media, and social interaction. In his research, he has adopted both historical and sociological perspectives, contributed to theory development, and examined key research questions empirically. He has been particularly influential in the development of the theory of medialization nationally and internationally.

Stig Hjarvard is an exemplary communicator of his research - his many academic publications are very well-written, precise, and sharp, presenting complex issues in an accessible and inspiring manner. He is a skilled teacher and supervisor who has for many years engaged and inspired countless students and aspiring researchers.

Congratulations, Stig!

Read the full nomination (in Danish)