Gerd Christensen

Gerd Christensen

Associate Professor

My research interests are located in between pedagogy, philosophy and psychology. For a number of years I have been occupied with the science studies and methodology of the humanities and the social sciences. My research interests are directed towards educational psychology with a special focus on social constructionism and post structuralism. This is combined with an interest in the history of education, which has led to genealogies of pedagogical movements in Denmark since the late 1800es. Recently I have done some research in ethics with a particular focus on how Michel Foucault's concept of ethos can be incorporated into research ethics.

In addition, I am interested in university teaching and in the relationship between gender and education. These interests were unfolded in my Ph.D. dissertation, which deals with project work in groups at university level.

Through my one-year employment at the Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research I became acquainted with systematic reviews as a particular form of dissemination of knowledge.

My competences for teaching and supervising are primarily educational psychology, didactics, science studies and methodology, university teaching, workplace learning and the educational history.



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