The History and Sociology of Welfare Work

The purpose of ‘The History and Sociology of Welfare Work’ research group is to expand Section of Education’s research in the sociology of professions and render it visible. Welfare work includes for instance social educational work, psychological work or police work concerned with developing and optimising population groups’ chances to fare well in society. Research on professions often studies one particular profession, e.g., the profession of nurses or social educators, and its particular foundation of knowledge and the practice activated when working with the citizen. We will use the sociology of professions to evolve relational and historical studies of the constitutive and dynamic aspects of welfare work. This entails studying welfare work as social relations, and as a structural whole of welfare professions related to governmental and societal processes loaded with power.

The research group was established in 2014 and consists of researchers from Section of Education and a number of external members. Monthly meetings are held, and here projects, publications and future project plans are discussed and developed. Also, seminars and workshops with invited speakers are organised.


















External researchers

Stine Saaby Bach, Sociologist, PhD in Educational Studies

Marianne Brodersen, PhD in Social Science, Associate Professor at Absalon University College, Program for Social Education

Tine Brøndum, Sociologist of Religion, Special Consultant at the Government Agency for Teaching and Quality, Ministry of Education

Lone Bæk Brønsted, PhD in Educational Studies, Associate Professor at Copenhagen University College, Program for Social Education

Nanna Koch Hansen, PhD in Educational Studies, part-time lecturer at Section for Education, Department of Communication & at Department for People and Technology, Roskilde University.

Stine Grønbæk Jensen, Anthropologist, PhD in History, post.doc., The Danish Aging Research Center (DARC) at University of Southern Denmark.

Malene Kubstrup Nelausen, Research Assistant at Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

Vanessa Paladino, MA in Educational Studies, Consultant at Astra, National Center for Science Education

Sofie Rosengaard, PhD in Educational Studies, Assistant Professor at Copenhagen University College, Program for Social Education

Stine Thygesen, PhD in Educational Studies, Assistant Professor at Copenhagen University College, Program for Teacher Education

Researchers from MCC

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bjørn Frithiof Hamre Associate Professor +4535336712 E-mail
Stine Grønbæk Jensen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Trine Øland Associate Professor +4535328889 E-mail