20 March 2023

Student Podcast about Scandals

In the autumn semester 2022/23, the M.A. students in the Film and Media course “Research Design and Empirical Methods” conducted empirical studies about user participation in debates around scandals on social media. After a public poster presentation of eight projects, three students, August Valdemar Lavtsen, Mads Hjort, and Theis Mitchell, produced a podcast in which they interviewed two groups in detail about their project. The podcast is now available on the Uniradioen accounts on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the podcast.

The podcast focuses on research into the dynamics of two specific scandals about the cheating scandals of Adam Levine and Ned Fulmer as well as the deplatforming of Andrew Tate. The students explored how such scandals serve a social and democratic purpose by shedding light on moral transgressions, systemic injustices, and controversial issues. The podcast discusses different questions, such as: What influence do parasocial relationships have on the public’s reaction to scandals? And is deplatforming a way of controlling scandals online? Find out all about it in the one-time “Fantastic Podcast about Scandals.”

The podcast was produced by August Valdemar Lavtsen, Mads Hjort, and Theis Mitchell. In collaboration with Manuel Menke, the Section of Media Studies, and financed by the KU research and teaching integration fund.