AGAVE: Applied Gamification And Visualization Enhancements - for cultivating onsite operator training and improving quality of work life.

AGAVE will connect digital gamification with training and upskilling of operators in biotech production. This will improve both the well-being of the process operator and the competitiveness of Danish biotech production. It is a collaboration between Novo Nordisk, BioLean, Aalborg University, and the University of Copenhagen.

The success of the digital gaming industry is based on the flow model. The challenges in digital games are matched to the player's level of competence, so the difficulty and challenges increase as players become more competent, creating a flow of development that helps maintain the player's interest - so they neither give up nor get bored.

Using the principles of gamification, it is possible to build training so that challenges become more and more complex as the operator's experience and competence increase, and it will be an integral part of the work.


The aim of the research project is to establish and test a platform for training and upskilling process operators throughout their working lives. Based on gamification principles from the digital gaming industry, a training concept will be developed that takes into account the individual experience and competence level of the operator.

The central research questions are:

  1. Can gamification in industry be used for training novices?
  2. Can gamification in industry be used to challenge experienced employees and promote lifelong learning?
  3. Can gamification in industry be used to improve work-life quality?




Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Højsted PhD Fellow +4535320163 E-mail
Lars Konzack Associate Professor +4535321306 E-mail


Henrik Schønau Fog (Associate professor, AAU)

Nancy Louise Underwood (Research Assistant), AAU


Project period: 2021 - 2024
Contact: Lars Konzack