Visiting scholars at the Department of Communication

The Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen welcomes visiting scholars at various stages in their academic careers, ranging from PhD students to full professors. The aim of such visits is to further enhance and accelerate research at the department – and to establish lasting collaborative relationships with national and international scholars. We accept visitors for short periods (a week) and for longer periods (up to a year).

In order to apply to become a visiting scholar at the Department of Communication, it is the responsibility of a prospective visitor to identify a faculty member with whom they would collaborate during the visit. That faculty member must agree to serve as the faculty host for the visit and collaborate with the visitor throughout their stay.

To find a potential host, we refer potential visitors to the department’s staff list. Once a faculty member has agreed to serve as host, that faculty member will initiate the internal application process; the prospective visitor should contact this faculty host with any questions about the process.

In addition to collaborating with the faculty host, we encourage each visiting scholar to enrich the community in other ways during their stay, such as by:

  • Giving a research presentation, for example in the section or center to
  • which the faculty host belongs. We strongly encourage that such presentations are given at the start of their visit in order to introduce themselves to the community and to further collaborative options during their visit.
  • Exploring potential research collaborations with other faculty and PhD students.
  • Giving guest lectures in
  • Interacting regularly with faculty and students
  • Participating in activities and department, section, or center
  • Initiating or participating in research or reading groups,

The department is unfortunately unable to provide funding for visitors.


The length of the visiting scholar’s stay at the department determines the administrative service and support provided to the visitor.

Visiting less than 2 months

Visiting scholars staying for less than 2 months at the department will as a general rule not have access to a permanent office space, library card, IT services, and they are not registered in the university’s IT systems. It is expected that the host facilitates and organizes the visitor’s stay at the department and handles practicalities regarding access to the building and introduction to the section/center.

The visitor will receive a guest access card to enter the building during the stay. There is Eduroam and Guest Wi-Fi access at the campus.

There will be no bench fee for visiting scholars staying for less than 2 months.

Visiting more than 2 months

Visiting scholars staying for more than 2 months at the department will be registered as visiting scholars in the university’s systems, and visitors have library privileges, access card to the building, and internet access. The department is not able to provide computer equipment for visiting scholars.

There is a bench fee of DKK 3500 per month for visiting scholars at the department.

Visiting scholars who are unable to pay the bench fee, but invited as a guest nevertheless, will be offered office space based on availability, or they may use work spaces in the library.

Visiting PhD students, who need formal PhD supervision during their visit, will need to pay a separate fee for this. PhD supervision should be agreed upon before the invitation letter is issued, and will be dependent on the availability of the relevant supervisor.

Agreements for visiting scholars staying at the department for more than 2 months must be completed at least three months prior to arrival, to allow enough time to arrange for practicalities in connection with the visit.