14 December 2021

Masters students in film and media present their empirical studies in a poster session


After a semester of hard empirical work, the Master's students in the seminar “Research Design and Empirical Methods” (Teacher: Manuel Menke) presented the studies they conducted over the last months in an open floor poster session on 10 December. With a total of thirteen studies, they demonstrated how original and creative they investigated the relationship between affect, emotion and media in their empirical projects.

Guests were able to see how the students applied their methodological knowledge from the seminar and communicated their insights both visually and verbally. With a glass of juice and a piece of cake in everybody’s hand, no academic question remained unanswered.

The posters’ topics:

  1. The podcast “Hjerteflimmer for Voksne” and its emotional role in users’ everyday life
  2. Vi Unge – An older sibling guiding you through teen life?
  3. Emotional News on Instagram: A Case Study of DR Nyheder
  4. Emotional reactions to advertisements in YouTube videos
  5. The use of communicative tools to communicate war to children
  6. On the emotional impact of humour in campaigns on bike safety
  7. The use of memes and their emotional impact during the Corona pandemic
  8. The Danish press’ emotional retelling of the Danish national team’s participation in EURO 2020
  9. Watching same-sex couples in Vild med Dans: A study on viewers’ emotional reflections
  10. How do emotional podcasts affect the listener?
  11. What happens when ”konspirationsfolket har ordet”?
  12. The role of emotion and negative campaigning in Joe Biden’s tweets
  13. The dark side of fandom. Understanding toxic fandom and its consequences


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