Niels Ole Finnemann

Niels Ole Finnemann

Professor, emeritus

Niels Ole Finnemann

Professor Emeritus
The Royal School of Library and Information Science
Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S, Build. 4-02.26
Phone: +45 24 64 44 36

Academic positions

2018: Professor Emeritus. Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen.
2014: Professor (Nominated) IVA, 2017ff: Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen.
2012: Head of NetLab, Team Leader, DigHumLab Denmark (2012-2014).
2005: Professor (MSO), Internetforskning, Aarhus Universitet (2005-2013).
2000: Head of Center for Internet Studies (CFI) Aarhus University (2000-2010).
2000: Ass. Professor, Dept. of Information- & Media Studies, Aarhus University (2000-2005).
1996: Head of Center for Cultural Studies (CFK) Aarhus University (1996-2000).
1995: Ass. Professor, Dep. of Information- & Media Studies, Aarhus University (1995-1996).
1992: Guest Researcher, Center for Technology & Human Values, Oslo University, Norge.
1991: External Lecturer, Informations- & Media Studies, Aarhus University (1991-1995).
1987: Senior Reseracher, Center for Cultural Studies (CFK) Aarhus University (1987-1991).
1976: Senior Researcher, Scandinavian Studies, Aarhus University (1976-1979).
1972: Young Scholar, Scandinavian Studies, Aarhus University (1972-1975).

Major Research projects - 2000 Onwards

2012: Principal Author of Proposal for a Research Infrastrucure for the study of archived Web Materials. (RESAW) supported by British Library, Biblioteque Nationale Francaise and others, for EU Horizon 2020 IntegratIng initiatives.
2012-2014:Teamleder, DigHumLab Danmark and head of Netlab.
2011-2014:Participates in the National Research Infrastructure Project LARM (Radio Culture and Auditory Ressources Research Infrastructure).
2011-2015:National representative in the Management Group EU COST-aktion "IS1004 “WEBDATANET: web-based data-collection - methodological challenges, solutions and implementations”.
2010-2013: Member of EU-COST Action "Transforming Audiences".
2009: Member of Steering group for Project on sensitive information in Collaborative Project with CFI, The State and University Library Aarhus and The Royal Library Copenhagen.
2008-2011:Head of the Research Project " Changing Borderlines". Grant from the National Reserach Council.
2002-2006: National representative in EU COST a20 project on "The Impact of the Internet on Mass Media".
2001-2005: Member of Steeringt committee for 'Modinet' - "Media and Democracy in the Network Society" (2002-2005).Grant fromt he Natiojal Research Councils.
2001-2004: Member oif steering group for Pilot project  on webarchiving. Center for Internet Studies AU, The State and University Library, Aarhus and The Royal Library Copenhagen.

Member of Committes, Boards and cCouncils. 

2016 Medlem af program komiteen for ACM Websci Conference 2016.

2015 EU COST Evaluator 2015

2015- Member of Digital Humanities Cmmittee, Facultyr of the Humanities, University of Copenhagen

2012-2015: Medlem af Advisory Board for DASISH Coordinating organ for the 5 ESFRI Research Infrastructures. Grant from EU FP7.                                                                                             
2012: Chair of doctoral dissertation committee, Aarhus University.                                             
2010-2013: Member of the Norwegian Research Councils Expert Committee for the Social Sciences.
2009: Expert evaluator EU FP 7 Research Program.
2009: Expert evaluator For NWO, The Dutch Research Council  

2008-2009: Member of the national bibliometric committee for Media Studies. Appointed by the Ministry of Research.                                                    
2008: Member of Appointment Committee (Research Director) Journalism- & Media School, Aarhus
2005, 2009:Ekspert panel Member, The Norwegian Research Council
2005-2009: Member of the editorial board of Appointed by the Ministry of Culture.
2004: Member of the research-board of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)
2003-2009: Member of professoral appointment committees at Aalborg University, (2003) University of Southern Denmark (2001, 2002) Aarhus University (2008), National Norwegian Committee for Media studies, NTNU, 2007, 2008, 2009.

2002-2003: Member of ministerial Committe for Cultural Heritage (electronic materials) appointed by the Ministry of Culture.
2000: Chair, Doctoral Dissertation Committee, Aarhus University.

Peer reviews - Journals and Academis Publishing houses

  • AI & Society; Telematics & Informatics; History and Philosophy of Logic; Human Communication Research; International Journal of Communication; Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism; Mediekultur; Norsk Medietidsskrift, Nordicom; Nordisk Tidsskrift for Informationsvidenskab og Kulturformidling; Norsk Medietidsskrift; Northern Light (KU); New Media & Society; Observatorio.
  • Reviewer Conference papers: Nordic Media Scholars Conferences; Ecrea; aoir; RESAW.
  • Editorial Board, Triple C.

Keynotes and Guest lectures.

2015 Heterogene datamaterialer - en ny rimelig stor udfordring - Keynote DeIC Conf. 7 Oktober, Middelfart.
2014 Big Data : A new field within the  Humanities. Inaugural Lecture 21.11 2014, IVA University of Copenhagen.
2014 Concluding Remarks. Digital Humanities Conference org. by the National Danish Reserach Council for the Humanities. April 1, 2014. Eigtved Pakhus, Copenhagen.
2014 Just a little bit. Fratrædelsesforelæsning, Aarhus Universitet, 23.5 2014.
2013 Keynote, Digital Humanities and Research Infrastructures 1. International RESAW seminar, Aarhus 2-3 Dec. Funded by DigHumLab
2013 Keynote, Digital media defined. Docam 10 Conference, Tromsø University. Jun 22-23. Video:
2012 Program Chair and Keynote, International Ph.D: Course. Dec. 3-5. Web based data collection. Digital Humanities and the Study of the Web and Web Archives. Aarhus. Funded by DigHumLab
2011 The Author and other Avatars. April 15-16. Presentation, Mediatized Worlds-conference Bremen 15.16.4 2011. Bremen University. Also workshop Remix(ed) culture - Remix(ed) Methods. IMV, Aarhus 8.6 2011
2010 Program Chair (with Per Jauert) and lecturer international PH.D. Course, Nov. ”New Media, New Methods, New Theories?” Lecture Kalundborg. Funded by Norfa.
2010 Arkivet som aktør i det nye medielandskab. Tale ved Åbningen af forsknings-infrastrukturprojektet LARM (Radio Culture and Auditory Ressources Research Infrastructure). University of Copenhagen, 9 April 2010.
2011 Two literatures of new media. Workshop on “Internet Perspectives.” Aarhus University. Org. by Oxford Internet Institute & Center for Internet Research; AU, March 19
2011 Arkivet - mellem den ubegrænsede hukommelse og den tænkende maskine. Inviteret indlæg til konference og humanitisk IT-forskning ”Think about IT!” Københavns Universitet, Nov 13
2008 On The coevolution of old and media. Lecture, Ph.d. Course "The Evolution of Media: From Face-to-Face to Facebook." FMKJ. Copenhagen University., March 6-7
2007 The Nordic Model of the Information and Knowledge Society. Invited speaker, Complutense International Seminar. Madrid. Nov 22-24
2007 Public spaces, New Landscapes, Limits, and Interfaces. International Ph.d. course, NORFA, Helsinki, Aug 14-15
2006 From Buildings & Books to Bytes. Why not put the Library on the Shelf? Guest Lecture, The Danish Institute, Athens. Greece. April
2006 Keynote, From Buildings & Books to Bytes. Why not put the Library on the Shelf? International conference on The future of Libraries, BOBCATTS, Tallinn, Feb 2006.
2005 Invited Panelist, "On digital Media Theory". 1. European Communication Conference, ECREA, Amsterdam, Dec.
2004 Keynote speaker & workshop leader at the Conference »Creativity and Technology«, Reykjavik. Org. by Cambridge & Iceland Universities, March 19-22
2003 Program chair (with Niels Brügger) International Ph.d.-course ”New Media, New Methods, New Theories?” NORFA, Sandbjerg, Denmark, Dec. 1-5
2003 Invited speaker, International Seminar, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Media Cultures and NIT in the Nordic Countries and the Iberian Peninsula. Sep. 17-19
1999 Program Chair for the International Conference series. The Humanities at the turn of the Millenium. Centre for Cultural Research, AU 1999-2000
1999 Closing Remarks on The new Media Matrix and its Importance for Media History. Seminar on »Media History – Theories, Methods, Analysis«. 16, 17.5 1999. Dept. for Information- & Media Studies, Aarhus. Sep. 16-17
1999 Invited speaker at the seminar »The Humanities – Past, Present, Future«, Doreen B. Townsend Centre for the Humanities, Univ. of California, Berkeley, March 12, 1999
1998 Keynote, "The computer - a Machine, a Medium and a Signsystem". NASS Research Course in Media Semiotics. Sundvolden, Norway, June 21-27
1997 Keynote, Int. Ph. D.course »Challenge of Information Society for Communication Theory«, Tampere University, Finland, Jan, 17-18
1994 Dokumentasjonsvitenskapens Plass i Informasjonssamfunnet. Åbningskonference for uddannelsen i Dokumentasjonsvitenskab. April 24-25. Tromsø University,Noway.
1990 Guest editor AI & Society, vol 4.4, Springer Verlag, London 1990
1990 Invited speaker, conference on The Culture of the Artificial. Lugano, Oct.


2010: Honorary Member Center for Internet Studies, Aarhus University.
2002-2004: Member PHD-committee, Faculty of Arts, AU.
1999-2000: Organizer of international conference series on 'The Humanirties at the Millenium', Aarhus University.
1989: Member, PEN Danmark.
1985-1986: Editor, Publishing House Kimære, Aarhus.
1971-1980: Cofounder and member of board, Publishing House MODTRYK, Aarhus.
1976-1979: Cofounder and member of editorial committe of the Journal Socialistisk Politik, Modtryk, Aarhus.

Member of: IAMCR, ECREA, SMID, NORDICOM, Association of Internet Researchers (a.o.i.r) m. fl.


Professor Emeritus. Dr. Phil.

ID: 122741339