Anne Mette Thorhauge

Anne Mette Thorhauge

Associate Professor

Anne Mette Thorhauge is associate professer at Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen, Center for Tracking and society. Her research interests include digital media in the broadest sense including platform economies, digital markets, video games, children and young people's digitale media use, and digital methods. Anne Mette Thorhauge has been a part of the Danish media council for children and young people for more than a decade, first as member, later as chair until May 2019. She has worked to ensure a strong anchorage in the UN Convention of the Child that emphasizes Children's right to protection as well as their freedom rights as democratic citizens. In parallel  Anne Mette has been part of the development of the Danish Videgame industry. She is the chair of the steering committee in Dadiu: The Danish Academy for Digital, Interactive Enterntainment.

Primary fields of research

Platform economies

Digital markets

Children, Young people and the media


Media in everyday life

Digital methods

Current research

Member of Center for tracking and society


Recent projects:

NOS-HS exploratory network on Nordic Esports

Videogames in everyday life (homepage in Danish)



Providing Advice and Imparting Knowledge of Children’s Media Habits and Their Behavior on Digital and Social Media


Concept-development and innovation

Empirical methodologies

Philosophy of science

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