Anne Mette Thorhauge

Anne Mette Thorhauge

Associate Professor

Knowledge of languages

Danish, English, French and German


2007 -present: University of Copenhagen, Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication

Associate professor with tenure 2013–present.

Assistant professor 2010–2012;

Postdoc 2007 – 2009



2013 – present: Chairman of Danish Media Council for Children and Young people

2012 – present: Expert, Nordic game program

2010 - present: Editorial board member, Mediekultur, SMID

2009 – 2010: Member of “højhastighedskomitteen”, Danish Ministry of Science and Education

2008 – 2009: External reader, New Danish screen game support program

2006 – present: Member of Pegi (Pan European Game Information) council and expert group

2006 – 2012: Member of Danish Media council for children and young people



2007: PhD degree in media studies, University of Copenhagen

2002: Graduate degree in media studies, University of Copenhagen

1999: Undergraduate degree in media studies Universityof Copenhagen


ph.d. in media studies

ID: 542724