Failure Studies

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This chapter proposes to focus more on thinking about and studying different notions of failure in production studies where there is an inclination to mostly highlight and study notions of success. Based on previous production studies conducted in the Danish film and television industries, the chapter outlines the main challenges related to pursuing this line of research. Some of these chal- lenges relate to getting access to studying problematic or failed processes and productions. Moreover, time is crucial to consider when studying precarious, high risk and ‘nobody knows’ industries where practitioners are naturally hesi- tant to be connected with any idea of failure. The chapter offers examples of what can be learned from studying different kinds of failure – for scholars as well as industry practitioners – and discusses the value of investigating situa- tions where things have not gone as intended. The chapter also highlights how success and failure are relative terms that can have different meanings in differ- ent production frameworks and emphasises the importance of not only focusing on the professional film and media industries when studying these terms, but also on what new talent is being taught as best practice before entering these industries. In conclusion, the chapter stresses the benefits of critically engaging in discussions about what we are putting on the research agenda in terms of thinking about successful or less successful productions as well as remembering to ask questions about what is not being produced and whose voices are not be- ing heard rather than mostly focusing on examples of best practice and stories of success. The chapter also encourages production scholars to be more open about sharing ‘failed research’, since we – similar to practitioners in the film and media industries – can also improve from the experiences of other research- ers whose projects did not turn out as originally envisioned.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProduktionskulturen audiovisueller Medien : Neuere Perspektiven der Medienindustrie- und Produktionsforschung
EditorsDennis Göttel, Stefan Udelhofen
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Publication statusPublished - 2023
SeriesProduktionskulturen der Medien

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