Thore Keitum Fisker

Thore Keitum Fisker

PhD fellow

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    Voices, bodies and emotions - and their place in ideological identity and expression. Those are my scholarly interests.

    In September 2022 I started a PhD scolarship at the Section for Rhetoric as a temporary culmination of my interest in voice use and body language. Before that I worked as a voice coach and rhetorical advisor.

    In my research I investigate how the body and voice create meaning, affect and identification in oral communications. A lot has been written on how different vocal characteristics affect the audience's perception of the speaker - however, not a lot has been written on the body and the voice as sites for ideological formation. That I will investigate.


    In the Spring of 2023 I will teach the BA course Public Speaking and Counseling. As part of this course I will teach the students how to go about analyzing the bodies and voices of oral communication situations. This approach will be based upon new materialist and affective perspectives.

    In the Fall of 2022 I taught the BA course Rhetorical Practice and Voice Production. During this course I introduced the first semester students to the differences between written and oral communication, voice technique and actio analysis.

    Primary fields of research

    • Actio
    • Rhetorical new materialism
    • Affect of the voice
    • Constitutive Rhetoric
    • Doxa

    Current research

    In my PhD project I investigate how voices and bodies create meaning, affect and identification in political communication.

    At the moment I am especially interested in my American colleagues's analyses of affect and emotional competence in American Presidential speeches and the connections between identification, ideology and affect in a new materialist perspective.

    Selected publications

    1. Published

      Konstitutiv actio: Stemmeføring og kropssprog i retoriske identifikations­processer

      Fisker, Thore Keitum, 2022, In: Rhetorica Scandinavica. 84, p. 60-75 16 p.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    ID: 318003911