Nils Holtug

Nils Holtug



MA, philosophy, University of Copenhagen, 1990.

PhD, philosophy, University of Copenhagen, 1995.

Dr.phil., philosophy, University of Copenhagen, 2011.



Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen, 1997-2000.

Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen, 2000-2014.

Professor of Political Philosophy (with special responsibilities), University of Copenhagen, 2014-2019.

Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagenm 2019- (leave of absence 2020-2021).

Professor of Political Theory, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus (2020-2021).


Awards etc.

The Einar Hansen award for excellent research in the humanities, 2013.

Sapere Aude Top-researcher grant form the Free Research Council, 2013-2017.


Research Management

Director (with Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen), Research Network for Equality and Plurality (grant from Danish Research Council for the Humanities), University of Copenhagen, 2004-2006.

Director, Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (grant from Danish Research Council for Culture and Communication), University of Copenhagen,, 2007-.

Member of the Research Committee, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, 2008-.

Director of priority research area "Equality, Discrimination and Multiculturalism", Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, 2008-.

Member of the Steering Committee, The Migration Initiative, inter-faculty priority research area, University of Copenhagen,, 2008-2010.

National coordinator for Denmark and member of editorial board, EU's European Web Site on Integration (, 2010-.

Co-principal investigator and member of steering committee, SOCED - Social Cohesion and Ethnic Diversity: National Values, Local Implications (grant from the Danish Strategic Research Council), 2010-.

Director of Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), and member of steering committee, Faculty of the Humanities, University of Copenhagen, 2013-2019.

Member of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education's Horizon2020 reference group "Europe in a changing wolrd, inclusive, innovative and reflective societies", appointed the University of Copenhagen, 2013-.

Member of the board of directors, Research Network on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe (IMISCOE), 2014-2019.

Member of the Dean's core group for the focus area Migration, Security and Cultural Exchange, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, 2017-.

Member of the centre board, Reserach Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health, University of Copenhagen, 2017-.


Editorial Boards

Bioethics (Wiley-Blackwell)

Economics and Philosophy (Cambridge University Press)

Ethics (University of Chicago Press)

Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy (Oxford University Press, book series)

Utilitas (Cambridge University Press).

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