Frederik Tollerup Junker

Frederik Tollerup Junker

PhD fellow

Current research

Studies show that we spend up to half of our waking hours mind-wandering and that it affects both our mood and cognitive performance. But although this phenomenon occupies a central place in our mental lives, much is still unknown about its nature and functions.

There is growing evidence that rather than being a mere failure to control our thoughts, mind-wandering can be a strategy with important benefits. Yet the functions of mind-wandering remain to be fully appreciated and explained. In my project, I will develop novel accounts of the roles mind-wandering seems to play in planning, reasoning, and creative thinking and argue that mind-wandering might be a more purposeful activity than previously thought.

Primary fields of research

Philosophy of mind

  • Mind-wandering
  • Episodic thought
  • Attention

Philosophy of action

  • Planning agency
  • Practical reasoning
  • Intentions
  • Mental action

Cognitive science

  • Executive control
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Mental time travel

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