Student Centre – Department of Communication

Contact us for guidance, counseling or help during your education, or learn about your opportunities to become a student at the Department of Communication. 

From 18 December to 2 February, the Student Center is closed for physical inquiries. We will be available daily by telephone between 10.00-12.00 (except 24-25 & 31 December & 1 January).

In the Study Center, either the study administration or one of our student and career counsellors will receive your call. We can help you with:

Questions about

  • Courses and exams
  • Registration and submissions
  • Master’s thesis
  • Credit transfers and applications for exemption
  • General rules and study activity requirements
  • Student exchange

Phone number: +45 35 32 88 55

Drop in: Room 16.1.54, Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 Copenhagen S

If you need more guidance, you can book a personal counselling session with one of our student and career counsellors below.



Book a counselling session with one of our student and career counsellors if you need:

Guidance or help with:

  • The course of your studies – planning and possibilities along the way
  • Illness, parental leave or changed plans
  • Elective subjects, academic internship or exchange
  • Your well-being or concerns about your studies
  • Your future plans and your career

A counselling session is scheduled for 25 minutes and can be held on campus by room 16.1.54, or by phone. If you book a phone meeting we will call you at the time of your appointment.

If you are interested in one of our study programmes, but are not a student at UCPH, you can book a meeting using your private email address.

NB! If you have not used the booking system before, press 'New customer?' to create a user and a password.



A career session is relevant to you, whether you've just started your degree or you're putting the finishing touches on your thesis.

Our starting point for the session is to consider thoughts about career and life after university as an ongoing reflection on the aspirations you have for your life.

You can get advice on

  • Opportunities and aspirations for your future and working life.
  • Your skills and competencies – those you have and those you want to build.
  • Career-related doubts and choices along the way.
  • How to approach your job search – both for student jobs and after graduation.
  • Feedback on an application, a CV, or your LinkedIn profile

NB! If you haven't used the booking system before, press 'New customer?' to create a user and password.

Career sessions are usually held in person, in our guidance room: 16.1.43. Please include your telephone number in your booking comment if you require a careers session by phone.



Student Guidance Counselling

Do you need guidance or help with your options, rules or the course of your studies? Please contact the Student Guidance Counselling at:

Courses and exams

Do you have questions about course and exam registration, assignments or an application, you have already sent in? Please contact the Study Administration at:


Do you have question about your application for an exemption? Please contact:

Master's theses

Do you have questions about your master's thesis? Please contact: