Christina Neumayer

Christina Neumayer

Associate Professor

My research focuses on the role of digital media, digital data and methods for political contention, protest, activism, racism, civic engagement, social movements and more broadly political communication. I am chair of the Communication and Democracy section at ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association). Previously, I was Associate Professor of Digital Media and Communication at the Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Research interests

Protests and social movements, digital data and methods, critical data studies and AI, visual media and conflict, digital media and communication, media and democracy, political communication.

Research projects

ProDem – Protests and Democracy: How Movement Parties, Social Movements and Active Citizens are Reshaping Europe, principal investigator, 2020-2023, VolkswagenStiftung.

To Use or Not to Use? A Relational Approach to ICTs as Repertoire of Contention, member of research group, 2022-2025, Danish Research Council. 

Previous projects:

Images of Conflict – Conflicting Images (ICCI), member of research group, 2017-2021, VELUX FONDEN.

Data as Relation: Governance in the Age of Big Data (DaR), member of research group, 2017-2020, VELUX FONDEN.


  • Faktateori og -analyse (non-fiction theory and analysis) 
  • Data Design
  • Network Society
  • Digital Media and Communication
  • Digital Democratic Citizenship

ID: 247671526