Frans van der Sluis

Frans van der Sluis

Assistant professor, tenure track

I recieved a BSc (2006) and MSc (2008) on psychology, a BSc (2006) on business information technology, and a PhD (2013) on interactive information retrieval and filtering. Building on my multi-disciplinary background, I work towards a next generation of information technology that seamlessly connects with its users.

My PhD-project is an example of my approach. In it, I showed how human interest can partly be explained through a computational model of textual complexity. I continue this line of research at University of Copenhagen, where I study human-information interaction within the context of filtering and retrieval systems. My research focuses on text analytics and usage analysis at the information side and on information emotions, knowledge modeling, and comprehension and beliefs at the user side.

Before my current employment I've held (visiting) positions at University of Twente, Glasgow University, Leiden University and at several private research centers, including Philips’ Innovation Lab, Novay, and Karakter University Center.

ID: 195069686