Filippos Stamatiou

Filippos Stamatiou

Research assistant

My research is situated on the philosophy of free will and moral responsibility.

My PhD project focuses on probabilistic models of free will and integrates insights from philosophy of mind and action, cognitive neuroscience and psychology. I am interested in the implications such models have for theories of moral responsibility, namely issues of control, luck and indetermination.
Ultimately, my research explores the possibility of an empirically grounded account of free will and moral responsibility that is compatible with a probabilistic universe.

I am also a member of the Copenhagen Cognition, Intention & Action Group (CoInAct), an interdisciplinary research group that engages in experimental and theoretical research  within cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology and philosophy of mind and action.

My project is supervised by Thor Grünbaum, with co-supervision by Matthew Talbert and Paul Russell.

ID: 204202372