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Filippos Stamatiou


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    I am a philosopher of mind and cognitive science. My research aims to understand how we can use machines to create better lives for humans. I currently work on issues in the ethics of artificial intelligence, such as responsibility gaps, trust and trustworthiness, knowledge, and the ontology of artificial systems. My research combines philosophy of mind and action, cognitive psychology, and ethics. I am also interested in luck, moral responsibility, and probabilistic models of cognition. In my doctoral dissertation, “Freedom in Uncertainty”, I defend the view that we have free will, which consists in being psychologically limited creatures.

    I have a PhD in Philosophy and an MA in Cognition and Communication from the University of Copenhagen. My PhD project was supervised by Thor Grünbaum, with co-supervision by Matthew Talbert and Paul Russell. I also have a BA in Business Administration from Athens University of Economics and Business. My teaching experience includes BA and MA courses in cognitive science, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and ethics. In a previous life I worked as a business developer for startups.

    Selected publications

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      Freedom in uncertainty: control, luck, and moral responsibility

      Stamatiou, Filippos, 10 Jun 2022, 125 p.

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