Beth Juncker

Beth Juncker


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    • studies in childculture and children's culture from an aesthetic perspective
    • the status of 'the child' in theory of knowledge
    • the notion of childculture/children's culture in relation to notions of culture
    • the meaning of aesthetics in children's everyday life
    • the meaning of aesthetics in classical art (theatre, literature,paintings, music, danse) for children
    • the meaning of aesthetics in modern media (film,tv,video,computer, computerplays, internet) for children
    • children's librairies as cultural institutions

    Childculture/children's Culture in Theory of Knowledge and History of Culture, Art for Children, Media for Children, Children's librairies in a cultural perspective, Childculture and Children's Culture in Cultural Politics, Modern Communication Strategies

    Current research

    • born 8.11.1947
    • 1967: undergraduate in modern languages
    • 1967-68: studies in french history and literature at Sorbonne University, Paris
    • 1974: graduate as major in danish literature, Copenhagen University  
    • 1978: Master of Arts in nordic literature, Copenhagen University
    • 1972-76: lecturer in danish literature, Department of Nothern Philology, Copenhagen University
    • 1976-82: Associate Professor in danish literature and communication, Department of Language, Communication and Cultural History, Aalborg University
    • In head of research at the project: The Literary History of Nordic Female Writers 
    • 1995 -2004: Associate Professor in childculture/children's culture , Department of Cultur al and Media Studies, The Royal School of Library and Information Science
    • 2001-02: Senior Lecturer at The Danish Institute for Advanced Studies in The Humanities
    • 2004 - 2009: Professor in Aesthetics, appointed by The Danish Research Council for The Humanities
    • 2008 - 2010: Professor II at Tromsoe University, Norway 
    • 2009 -        : Professor in Child Culture and Children's Culture at The Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen

    Selected publications

    1. Published

      Børn & Kultur i Norden. Nordiske forskningsperspektiver i dialog

      Juncker, Beth, 13 Mar 2013, København. 196 p.

      Research output: Book/ReportReportResearchpeer-review

    ID: 44954162