Helene Høyrup

Helene Høyrup

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research


"Children's Literature, Text and Canon: Studies in the Sociology of Knowledge":  The project seeks to combine a study of the history and poetics of children's literature with the theory and sociology of knowledge. 

Viewing children's literature as a medium in which two powerful ideological positions intersect: our ideas about childhood and about literature, the project analyses interferences between the development of the mainstream literary canon, the text or poetics of children's literature and the knowledge produced about these texts in different theoretical paradigms and cultural practices, such as children's literature studies and library communication. 

Further focal points are the theoretical frames used to write children's literature into the critical mainstream today and how these relate to the late modern media landscape.
"Children's Library 2.0.  Digital Communication, Innovation and Learning", The Danish Cultural Ministry and The Strategic Research Council


  • Children's literature: history, poetics, theory, sociology and communication
  • Children's media and culture 
  • Childhood studies in an interdisciplinary perspective 
  • The sociology of knowledge and media
  • Literacy in the light of verbal, visual and digital epistemologies

Cultural and media studies, the sociology of literature, knowledge and media, children's literature and culture.  Extensive experience as a lecturer at universities in Denmark and internationally.

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