Sille Obelitz Søe

Sille Obelitz Søe

Assistant professor, tenure track

Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Data Ethics.

My research lies within philosophy of information, in the intersection between privacy studies, surveillance studies, and information ethics.

My research focuses on concepts such as information, misinformation, and disinformation - and their pragmatic nature - personal information, privacy in the light of massive data collection, algorithmic profiling, etc.

I have a background in analytic philosophy, especially epistemology and ordinary language philosophy.

I am part of the project "Don't Take it Personal" - Privacy and information in an algorithmic age

My research interests include:

  • Information, misinformation, and disinformation
  • Algorithms
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Information Ethics
  • Philosophy of Information
  • Intelligence Studies and -Ethics

ID: 44929033