Lennart Björneborn

Lennart Björneborn

Associate Professor emeritus

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    For many years, my research interests have evolved around the interplay between 'micro activities' and 'macro structures' in physical and digital mediation spaces (WWW, urban spaces, libraries, museums, social media, etc.). In that context, focus has been on investigating affordances in such spaces for enabling and supporting creative user practices in everyday life, especially, in the shape of user participation, exploratory information behaviour, social navigation, and serendipity (unplanned but interesting findings).
    Also see my profile at Academia.edu: http://ku-dk.academia.edu/Bjorneborn


    • Media theory and participatory mediation spaces
    • User-to-user mediation and social navigation
    • Webometrics and social network structures
    • Users' information behaviour, embodied interaction, serendipity (unplanned but interesting findings)
    • Interplay between mediation spaces (social/physical/digital), mediation flows and users' information behaviour
    • Interaction design, affordances and mediation in the overlap between social/physical/digital mediation spaces

    ID: 44929061