Søren Overgaard

Søren Overgaard

Associate Professor

My research interests range from the history of twentieth century philosophy (especially phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and ordinary language philosophy) through metaphilosophy to the philosophy of mind. Currently, I am mainly interested in perceptual experience and mindreading (in particular perceptual approaches to mindreading).

In recent years, I’ve taught BA and MA-level courses in philosophy of mind, phenomenology, and existential philosophy. Since 2010, I’ve also been a co-organizer of the annual Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, as well as one of the regular lecturers.

I mainly supervise essays within phenomenology (broadly construed) and the philosophy of mind, including philosophy of perception.

Some recent publications:



Overgaard, S. “The Future of TTOM [commentary on Veissiere et al.]”. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 43, e90 (2020): 45.

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20th Century Philosophy

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