Kristine Marie Berg
Kristine Marie Berg

Associate Professor


My research interests cover political rhetoric and public debate.

My research focus on norms of rhetorical action, how these norms create or inhibit participation, and in how the way we talk and write to and about each other creates and breaks down communities.

My curiosity is piqued by taken-for-granted conceptions of what it means to communicate well and by unconventional and unexpected forms of rhetorical practice.

I am also interested in how textual analyses can be supplemented by other methods such as interviews, participant observation and protocol analysis.

I currently work on a project about hate mails.


I have taught the following obligatory courses in the Rhetoric program: Rhetorical criticism (BA), Rhetoric in Society (BA), Speech Workshop (BA), Contemporary Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives (MA)

I have also taught the elective course Poliical Rhetoric and Humour (MA)

I have supervised BA-projects about inter alia polysemy, framing and online activism. And I have supervised MA-theses about inter alia Mugabe and establishment of ethos and about Nelson Mandela and his use of narratives.

ID: 545794