Lennard Højbjerg Hansen

Lennard Højbjerg Hansen

Associate professor emeritus

Primary Research:

In the last 15 years my research work has basically focused on audio-visual style in the moving image and in videoes on the internet. I have been engaes in tw research projects, one about online videoes on social platformes, together with Ass. professor Ole Ertløv Hansen, Aalborg University, DK 2011-2013(see publications) - and one about Body Language in the Moving Image 2012-2014.

Current Research:

I am focusing on the different use of the dogme style in Danish Films and a project of how characters are build up in film and Television.

Subjects like music video, adds and reception analysis of film, websites are topics i am still dealing with.


Teaching and supervision:

I am teching Film- and Mediahistory and different courses in social media.

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