Henrik Søndergaard

Henrik Søndergaard

Associate Professor




1987: Mag.art in Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen

1993: PhD in media studies, University of Copenhagen


Academic positions:


1993-97 Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen

1997 - Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

2014: Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics and Politics

2016-: Head of Studies


Media policy experience:

Consultant for the prime ministers Media Committee (1994),

Consultant for Ministry of Culture (1997),

Consultant for Ministry of Research (1998),

Consultant for the Nordic Council of Ministers (2000)


Chairman of the Public Service Council (2001-2002), Member of the National Radio and Television Board (2005 -2013),

Member of the Public Service Committee (2015-17)


Recent Collaborative Research Projects:

Participates in the SHF project MODINET, 2002-2007

Scientific leader of the Danish team within “European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing & Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems” (MEDIADEM) 7th Frame work programme, The European Commission, 2010-2013

Participates in the HERA research project “Mediating Cultural Encounters through European Screens” (MeCETES), 2013-2016.



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