Gry Hasselbalch

Gry Hasselbalch

PhD fellow

Data Ethics of Power - A Human Approach to Big Data and AI


Data no longer just capture politics, economy, culture and lives. Today data is extended and ingrained in society in increasingly complex digital systems developed to contain and make sense of big amounts of it and to act on that knowledge. These digital data systems form a key component of decision-making in politics, culture, industries, and on life trajectories, and consequently they are also the center of power negotiations between different interests. As such, power is at the center of ethical concerns with data systems.

In this study, I present a “data ethics of power” as an action-oriented analytical framework concerned with making visible the distribution of power and power relations in the Big Data Society and the conditions of their negotiation and distribution, in order to point to design, business, policy, social and cultural processes that support a human-centric distribution of power.

Supervisor: Jens-Erik Mai


ID: 182568362