Frans van der Sluis

Frans van der Sluis

Associate Professor

I am an inter-disciplinary scientist who studies users' interaction with search and filtering systems. My main focus in on how we can retrieve and filter information in order to promote users' learning and pique their interest. I aim to tailor information systems to the way we think, effectively turning information into knowledge.

Topics: human-information interaction, human interest and curiosity, epistemic emotions, interactive information retrieval, information filtering, online learning, text analysis.

I recieved a BSc (2006) and MSc (2008) in psychology, a BSc (2006) in business information technology, and a PhD (2013) in interactive information retrieval and filtering. I've held several (visiting) positions at University of Twente, Glasgow University, Leiden University and at several private research centers, including Philips’ Innovation Lab, Novay, and Karakter University Center.

ID: 195069686