Ally McCrow-Young

Ally McCrow-Young


I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow specialising in emerging, and primarily visual, technologies and digital culture. I hold a PhD in Media and Communication from the University of Copenhagen.

Current research

My current research examines the intersection of global conflicts and emerging digital technologies. My focus areas include visual data analysis and the use of connective media in global conflict events.

My doctoral research project Incongruent images: Connective mourning rituals on Instagram following the 2017 Manchester Arena attack coined an original theoretical framework “connective mourning rituals” and an original research method "connective visual mapping". Connective visual mapping is a platform-driven, interdisciplinary approach utilising a series of digital tools for archiving and analysing visual connective data.

My work is part of the research group Images of Conflict - Conflicting Images (ICCI) led by Professor Mette Mortensen. The ICCI includes a core group of seven scholars, and examines the “ways in which digital communication technologies fundamentally change the circulation of images from areas of conflict.” (ICCI project overview). The project addresses how the mediated visibility of contemporary conflicts is reconfigured by participants in conflicts producing and distributing images through connective media. Read more about the ICCI project here.

Fields of interest

  • Emerging digital technologies and research methods
  • Visual social media
  • Digital activism and resistance politics
  • Mediatised ritual communication


FM, BA Faktateori og –analyse

FM, Module 2, Media, Genre and Aesthetics: Online Media and Political Engagement

ID: 173691060