Victor Lange

Victor Lange

PhD fellow

Person-level metacognitive control and skilled agency


The PhD-project I work on is called ‘Person-level metacognitive control and skilled agency’. The project is supervised by associate professor at the Section for Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, Thor Grünbaum. The PhD-project is a part of the larger research project ‘The Function of Perception of own Movement’, led by Mark Schram Christensen at the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen. 


The PhD-project targets aims to conceptualise and implement the idea of person-level metacognitive control broadly within the philosophical literature on action and agency, touching upon topics in the philosophy of introspection and attention. The notion of ‘person-level metacognitive control’ refers to the capacity of agents to explicitly, or consciously, monitor and regulate their own mental states and processes. This capacity is well researched in several branches of empirical research involving clinical psychology, the cognitive neuroscience of meditation, and sports and performance psychology. The philosophical literature has by and large neglected this kind of person-level metacognitive control. This project proposes that it is of substantial importance to human action and that it enables certain kinds of both skilled bodily and mental agency. To make this proposal, the project discusses how person-level metacognitive control is of importance in introspection of experience, flow, motivation maintenance, and other central aspects of skilled action. 


In addition to the above work, I have also done philosophical research in bio-ethics (on gene editing, moral decision-making, and psilocybin for moral bio-enhancement), well-being studies, and the ethics of journalism. These research activities have resulted in different papers—most of them are currently under review but you can always write me if you are interested in the manuscripts. 


More broadly speaking, I can supervise in the fields of philosophy of mind and psychology, and in the field of philosophy of skill. I have in particularly specialized in the following fields: 


  • Metacognition (in particular in relation to well-being and performance) 
  • The functional role of consciousness in performance and learning
  • Both scientific and philosophical research on meditation and mindfulness
  • Both scientific and philosophical research on psychedelic compounds 
  • Higher-order theories of consciousness 


I can also supervise in ethics. I have in particular worked with the following topics: 


  • Moral bio-enhancement
  • Scientific measurements of well-being
  • Morally responsible use of bio-technologies, especially for genome engineering
  • Evolutionary psychology in relation to meta-ethical discussions 
  • Public participation in decisions on bio-technology


Besides from working on the PhD-project, I also work as an editor and meditation teacher at Regnfang ( Regnfang publishes podcasts on multiple topics concerning the human mind. You can find some of them at the list of activities here at my profile or visit our website. You can also find us on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

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