Sne Scott Hansen

Sne Scott Hansen

PhD fellow

Current research

My PhD project is titled 'Self-tracking the communicating body'.



My research focuses on emerging human-technology relations and how they are experienced across personal, work, and institutional contexts of everyday life.

Particularly, I study the intersection of experiences with, on the one hand, the affordances of digital tracking technologies that facilitate the generation, storing, processing, monitoring, and tracking of data from identified human beings, and, on the other hand, the affordances of human bodies in themselves as inherently communicating sources of information that, in turn, leave data tracks behind.

To do so, I use empirical data from semi-structured interviews and diaries with the aim of theorizing ‘the communicating body’ in relation to the use of digital self-tracking technologies within a Danish context.

My project is part of the larger research project, Datafied Living, which is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) and runs from 2020-2025.



I teach and supervise students in the following courses:

  • Introduction to communication theory
  • Bachelor project seminar


Research interests

My research interests broadly include the following topics:

  • Human-machine collaboration
  • Automated decision-making
  • Intelligence augmentation
  • (Self-)tracking
  • Datafication and digital media
  • Communication theory
  • Technological imaginaries


In addition to Datafied Living, I am affiliated with the research network, Automated Decision-Making – Nordic Perspectives, and a member of the research group, Center for Tracking and Society (CTS).

ID: 247670815