Stine Thygesen

Stine Thygesen

PhD Student

Current research

How does welfare-professional practice with foster children form and transform in relation to time, place and professional setting? 

This question is the focal point of my research project, which aims to create knowledge about welfare work that is oriented towards helping children in foster care. The project is based on historical sources, and on ethnographically inspired fieldwork in 4 schools and 2 municipalities.

The purpose of the research project is to investigate the underlying ideas, images and assumptions that welfare work with foster children is based on, and to understand and describe these ideas in an historical and socialogical perspective.

The project is funded by The Ph.D. Council for Educational Research and placed in Consortium for Education and Welfare Professionals, which is an established collaboration between UCC University College and the University of Copenhagen.


Trine Øland, Associate Professor at Department of Media, Cognition & Communication
Section of Education

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