Karen Louise Grova Søilen

Karen Louise Grova Søilen

Research assistant

Title of project: Atmospheres of Surveillance 

Start date: 1.11.2017

Supervisor: Laura Skouvig

Co-supervisor: Kristin Veel

Member of the research groups Surveillance, Information Ethics, and Privacy and Digital Culture

Associated with Network for Research on Drones and Aesthetics.

My research investigates 'atmospheres of surveillance' as a concept that can deepen our understanding of what it entails to live in a contemporary surveillance culture, where surveillance practices range from control and discipline to care, communication, consumption, entertainment, and pleasure. Specifically, the aim of the Ph.D project is to identify and conceptualize the affective atmospheres of surveillance seen through the lens of contemporary art. I am interested in how artworks can illuminate alternative perspectives on bodily, emotional, and sensory experiences in the Surveillance Society.

I have a background in Contemporary Literature and Modern Culture, and the research project is situated in the intersection of Surveillance Studies and Cultural Studies.

 Areas of research interest:

  • Surveillance Studies
  • Affect Theory
  • Contemporary Art
  • Cultural and Aesthetic Perspectives on Surveillance 
  • Photography and Digital Culture

ID: 185057910