2 November 2015

Conference at UC Berkeley hosted by the research priority area Precarious Aesthetics

The research priority area The Power of the Precarious Aesthetic at The Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen has hosted the conference Precarious Aesthetics at UC Berkeley in collaboration with the Berkeley Center for New Media and Department of Film & Media at UC Berkeley.

Here is what the conference website writes about the conference:

“Technological advances strive for greater clarity and resolution, but visuals that counteract such perfection with blur, noise, and non-transparent filters are ever more popular. They invite us to see the world, but through a lens that obstructs our vision to dazzling effect. Operating at the mercy of bodies and technologies that are unstable and liable to fail, this mediation is ever-more precarious. Join us as we interrogate the historical, theoretical, and philosophical implications of precarious aesthetics.”

Keynote speakers at the conference were Tom Gunning, W. J. T. Mitchell, Abigail De Kosnik, Jacob Gaboury, Martin Jay, Jeffrey Skoller, Basma Alsharif and Christine Ross.

Read more about the conference and the program here.