2 July 2013

New journal issue on Mediatization and Cultural Change

The journal Media Culture has just published a special issue on Mediatization and Cultural Change (Vol 29, No 54, 2013). It is edited by Stig Hjarvard and Line Nybro Petersen

Table of contents of thematic section:

Stig Hjarvard and Line Nybro Petersen: Editorial: Mediatization and cultural change 

Kameliya Encheva, Olivier Driessens and Hans Verstraeten: The mediatization of deviant subcultures: an analysis of the media-related practices of graffiti writers and skaters  

Mikkel Fugl Eskjær: The mediatization of ethical consumption  

Kim Sawchuk: Tactical mediatization and activist ageing: pressures, push-backs, and the story of RECAA

Maja Rudloff: Det medialiserede museum: digitale teknologiers transformation af museernes formidling [The mediatized museum: digital technologies' transformation of museum communication] (Danish) 

Allison Cavanagh: ‘Barbarous cruelty at the British Museum’: mediatization, authority, and reputation in nineteenth-century England

Christa Lykke Christensen: Sundhed på tv: fra læge til sundhedsguru [Health on television: from doctor to health guru] (Danish) 

Iben Have and Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen: Sonic mediatization of the book: affordances of the audiobook

Aske Kammer: The mediatization of journalism 

MedieKultur is an open access journal, so you may download all articles here: http://ojs.statsbiblioteket.dk/index.php/mediekultur/issue/current