7 July 2015

New special issue: Exploring the Learning Context edited by Karen Borgnakke & Yngve Nordkvelle

New special issue Exploring the learning context edited by Karen Borgnakke and Yngve Nordkvelle, Seminarnet, International Journal of Media, Technology and Lifelong Learning vol. 11, issue 1, 2015.

In this issue we have collected papers related to the conference Rethinking Educational Ethnography: Researching on-line communities and interactions. The articles address issues based on ethnographic approaches and case studies on the implementation of digital technology in different learning context. The articles reflect on the multi-sited research coping with ICT and learning in shifting online offline settings. Read the special issue here.

 Table of Contents

* Introduction, Karen Borgnakke

* ICT – enabled innovation in technology rich schools?, Catarina Player-Koro & Dennis Beach

* Learning by using digital media in and out of school, Raquel Miño-Puigcercós & Juana M. Sancho-Gil

* Nursing students attitudes towards ICT in education and clinic in Denmark, Raymond Kolbæk

*At home with students – observing online and offline contexts, Anita Lyngsø

* Coming back to basic concepts of the context, Karen Borgnakke


* Ethnography in the Danish veterinarian learning environment, Camilla Kirketerp Nielsen

* Making sense of facebook: a mixed methods approach to analyzing online student groups, Janus Aaen

* Envisioning DIY learning in primary and secondary schools, Juana Maria Sancho-Gil, Fernando  Hernández-Hernández & Rachel Fendler

The articles relate to the fourth conference in Rethinking Educational Ethnography: Researching on-line communities and interactions, the university of Copenhagen, June 2014.