8 July 2021

Five new faculty members at KOMM

The Department of Communication is very pleased to welcome five new faculty members on 1 August 1 2021.

Mette Bengtsson, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, joins the department from Roskilde University where she is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Arts. Mette's interests lie in the intersection between rhetoric, argumentation and journalism and she is currently involved in two externally funded projects: 'Cultural Publics. A study of the opinion and people’s pages of Danish newspapers from 1908–2018', funded by DFF (FKK) and 'Datafied news media–datafied publics? The future of journalism and their publics in the age of datafication', funded by VELUX FONDEN. 

Sofie Flensburg, Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Communication and IT, is currently a postdoc in the 'Datafied Living'. Sofie earned her PhD degree in 2019 on a dissertation entitled:  'Det digitale systemskifte. En historisk analyse af digitaliseringen af det danske kommunikationssystem'. ['The digital paradigm shift. A historical analysis of the digitalization of the Danish communication system']. Sofie brings expertise in the intersection between internet infrastructure studies, digital and data economy, and communication policy.

Petar Mitric, Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Film Studies, is currently postdoc in the 'Reaching Young Audiences: Serial Fictions and Cross-Media Storyworlds for Danish Children and Young Audiences' (RYA).  Petar earned his PhD on a dissertation entitled: 'Co-produce or perish: An interpretive study of European transnational film policies' in 2018, and has since been Consultant and report-writer at MEDICI, Switzerland and Postdoc at Charles University, Prague before joining the RYA project in 2020.  Petar brings expertise in film and television production and distribution in both a historical and contemporary (digital) context.   

Franziska Marquart, Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Media Studies, has been a postdoc in the 'Invent: European Inventory of Societal Values of Culture as Basis for Inclusive Cultural Policies' since January 2021.  Franziska earned her PhD in 2015 at the University of Vienna, Austria on a dissertation entitled: 'Content and effects of right-wing populist political poster advertising' and she has since been a postdoc at University of Vienna and University of Amsterdam, and a visiting scholar at the University of Southern Denmark. Franziska brings expertise in the broad area of media research and political communication science with a special focus on digital methods.

Mads Møller Tommerup Andersen, Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Media Studies, joins the department from the University of Aarhus where he is currently Assistant professor in Media Studies & Journalism.  Mads earned his PhD in 2019 on a disseration entitled: 'DR3 og det kreative pres [Eng.: DR3 and the creative pressure]’.  Mads brings expertise in digital media industry studies, production studies, media systems analysis, and streaming research.