18 November 2022

Anne Jerslev awarded the SMID prize 2022

Congratulations to Professor Anne Jerslev from the Section of Media Studies for being awarded the SMID prize 2022.

The prize is awarded by the Danish media and communication research community to a person who, through their work, has made a positive and exemplary contribution to Danish and international media research.

Anne Jerslev has made significant contributions to a broad range of areas within film and media studies, such as women in film and television, cult films, reality television and celebrity culture. In her research, she has applied historical, aesthetic, and audience perspectives and contributed to both theory development and empirical investigation.

The breadth of Anne Jerslev's professional interests testifies to her unique ability to articulate key questions about the media's role in culture and society, of great relevance both within and outside the university.

Read the full motivation for the award

Section of media studies celebrates Anne Jerslev Tuesday 29 November at 16:00.