Early Modern Women Writers and Readers

This workshop seeks to discuss the State of Art and different methodological problems regarding research into early modern women’s intellectual and scholarly work. Taking our departure in current projects, we will focus on early modern Denmark but include perspectives from Germany. The workshop will deal with different questions, such as: how can we investigate and understand female scholarly agency, and how have women worked as writers, philosophers, and translators in early modern times?

The workshop will be bilingual (Danish and English).


Please register with mnp@hum.ku.dk if you would like to participate.


13:00 Welcome
13.15 Marie Møller Christensen: Danske adelskvinder som tekstsamlere og tekstproducenter, ca. 1500-1700
14.00 Pause
14.15 Lucie Duggan: Reading Women in the Karen Brahe Library: A Digital Approach
14.45 Maria Nørby Pedersen: Birgitte Thott’s ”Om Vejen til et Lycksaligt Liv” (c. 1658)
15.15 Pause
15.30 Anne-Sophie Sørup Wandall: “Depicting the sun with charcoal”: On Anna Maria van Schurman’s criticism of
16.00 Sabrina Ebbersmeyer: Women in the Nordic Enlightenment – Challenges and Possibilities
16.30 Concluding discussion