Philosophical Issues in the Science and Policy of Well-being

One-Day workshop addressing new issues in the science and policy of well-being.

Theme Well-being is measured by many scientific disciplines (e.g. social sciences, health sciences, economics) and many organisations (e.g. WHO, nation states). But what exactly is being measured? How do the various measures relate to each other? Are different measures gauging different attributes? And given answers to these questions, how should measures of well-being influence social policy making?

This workshop assembles philosophers of science to address these and other questions related to the science and policy of well-being. The workshop should be of interest not only to researchers and students interested in philosophy of science, mind, epistemology, and ethics, but also to social scientists and others interested in the measuring of well-being.

Confirmed speakers

  • Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge)
  • Valerie Tiberius (Minnesota)
  • Erik Angner (Stockholm)
  • Willem van der Deijl (Tilburg)
  • Thor Grünbaum (Copenhagen)
  • Victor Lange Nielsen (Copenhagen)

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Please register via email to Thor Grünbaum.

See programme with abstracts (pdf).